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Community welfare services or social welfare provision refers to any program or group which seeks to provide assistance to individuals, families and groups through programs such as health care, food stamps, unemployment support, emotional support, housing assistance, frail care, disability assist, animal rescue, child care assistance, abuse and trauma.

This category is not just to assist the disadvantaged but for groups who's focus are to uplift our town by causes like road or dam maintenance.

This page is to find the appropriate help for those in need

and to post current and future Events and Causes where the public can get involved with.

The Welfare community will also play an important role during a crisis situation to help with admin, logistics, necessities like food, water packs ext. You will be the ones assisting the action groups and taking the load of their shoulders so that they can do what they do best.

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Have your details listed here if you are an organization that can give support to any specific welfare situation so that individuals in need can get in contact with you.


Become a "Welfare Leader" and share your events on this page.

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