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This is a very broad category and will overlap with other subdivisions.

Safety includes the following sub-divisions:

  1. Crisis management - Protocols and tips for the public will be shared here.​​

  2. Tactical - Security action groups, security companies and SAPS will be listed under this subdivision and details of the groups that gave permission will be available here. The goal is to have a communal platform that joins these groups to make communication between them and crisis management easier.

  3. Medical - Contact details of medical support available. What to do and where to go during an emergency. Get yourself listed on our database if you have any medical training or experience.

  4. Control Room - Individuals collecting information and communicating them to the relevant subdivisions.

  5. Electronics - Drones, cameras ext. 

  6. Specialized Support - these participants are for backup support in a crisis and includes air support, medical backup ext.

  7. Fire Fighting - Local groups and individuals with fire fighters or fire fighting knowledge. You can expand this subdivision and provide more information and supportive structure by getting involved.

  8. Legal - it is of utmost importance to us that everything we do are according to law. We will appreciate the assistance of all who has legal knowledge to give advice where to change or improve.

Active Groups

Send us your group/ company info and Logo so that we can add it here or have it listed for private referrals.


Do you want to improve your skills and learn how to keep yourself and your family safe? Keep an eye on this space for upcoming events or have your event posted here.

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